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In Michigan, a perc test, short for percolation test, is a soil evaluation method conducted to assess the ability of the soil to absorb liquid, particularly wastewater. The primary purpose of a perc test is to determine whether the soil on a property is suitable for the installation of a septic system.


It’s essential to conduct a perc test before installing a septic system to ensure that the chosen location and soil conditions are suitable for proper wastewater treatment and disposal. This helps prevent environmental contamination and ensures the effective and safe operation of the septic system. Property owners typically engage perc test professionals or companies to perform these evaluations.

Michigan Perc Test Company

Livingston County, MI Perc Test Company

Perc test companies play a crucial role in helping property owners, developers, and construction professionals make informed decisions about the feasibility of installing septic systems. Their expertise ensures that wastewater is properly managed and does not pose environmental or health risks. Property owners typically engage perc test companies when planning new construction, property development, or when there’s a need to assess the suitability of existing soil for a septic system.

Septic Installs in Livingston County

With licensure spanning multiple cities across Livingston County,  Michigan, our predominant service areas encompass BrightonFowlervilleHowellHamburg Twp.Pinckney, and Whitmore Lake, catering to a comprehensive range of septic system needs. Our distinguished tenure as a septic service company extends nearly a quarter-century, during which we have demonstrated unwavering expertise. Additionally, we have provided our services to Oakland County, further solidifying our regional presence. Whether you reside within or adjacent to any of these counties, and necessitate professional septic services, including tank cleaning, septic system installations, or septic drain field repairs, we stand poised to offer our unparalleled assistance.

Set Up Your Perc Test Today!

1. Scheduling A Perc Test

Whether you are looking to build a new home in Livingston County or repairing an existing septic system at your home or business — The first step in the process is completing a soil evaluation via a new perc test. Universal Septic is here to help!

2. Setting Up Your Perc Test

Universal Septic Services is skilled in working on small lot sizes. Many properties in our service area are situated around lakes making it difficult to install septic systems on the tight lot designs. With our small excavator we can easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces.

3. Starting The Septic Process

During the perc test, we'll excavate a series of small holes in your yard to evaluate soil quality. Our utmost effort is made to minimize any disruption to your lawn.